Pic I'm workin on :/

2009-02-08 02:01:09 by DJDragonwolf

pretty crappy so far :/
but.. just testing out fur detail..
So far my best are
http://djdragonwolf.deviantart.com/art /Fur-practice-112107223
http://djdragonwolf.deviantart.com/art /KiKi-Suru-112127906
http://djdragonwolf.deviantart.com/art /DJ-as-a-wolf-112144095

Also.. if any one's wondering the progress on my flash...
Well, I can get back to work sometime, thanks to flashman16
I just have to put together a couple...thousand layers ._.
I'm pretty far in that so like yeah :D

oh.. and if you know those click games...
http://www.arvyre.com/pets/levelup.php ?id=10019
..yeah... ._.;;

Oh and.. I useually don't go to pages and comment much, so if ya wanna talk, just add me in one of the below
Skype name: djdragondude
Yahoo messenger: djdragondude@rocketmail.com
MSN/Windows Live: djdragonwolf@hotmail.com [Broken D:]
AIM: Infernowolfsoul


Also.. power's back at my house
Been back for a while actually ^^;;

..bored =_=;;;


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2009-02-09 18:24:56

Well your art looks pretty good, just a little rough, in my opinion. Also glad to hear that you're progressing well in the flash

DJDragonwolf responds:

Thanks, I'm still practiceing a bit ^^;



2009-02-14 15:11:53

your bored? i got something to keep ya occupied!

Ch 39 is up!

DJDragonwolf responds:

XD Awesome!


2009-02-15 19:42:18

Quick New Post!

DJDragonwolf responds: