Story I think turned out half way descent..

2009-02-17 07:41:11 by DJDragonwolf

Meh.. decided to put this here too despite of what comments I might receive :/
Two pics go with this..
Just some history on some of my wolfieh chars :P


"Oh Tike, look at the flowers!" A small sized, teenage female wolf with a grey coat, with a lite blue muzzle, paws, stomach, ear tips, tail tips, and hair that seemed to glide over her body like water, said, looking at two singled out flowers, blowing in a gental breeze. her black, yellow pupled eyes held a soft happyness in them, her two tails waveing gently. "Flowers? Why should I care?" Tike said to his sister, head down. He was a small male winged-wolf pup, green coat, with a lite blue muzzle, paws, tail tip, ear tips, a lite blue ring around the top of his chest, lite blue feathers on the insides of his wings, and lite blue hair, that covered his eyes. "Their just plants..." He muttered. The two were in a grassy plain with rolling hills. A sort of fissure was behind them, but they paied no mind to it. "That's what you think." She said, slightly laughing and looked to the sky. "Hey Sara..." Tike said in a sort of chalengeing tone. Sara looked up just in time to see a green blur tackle her. Blinking, she saw she was belly-up, being stood on by her younger brother. She laughed then pushed the pup off, then crouched playfully, wagging her tails. Tike stood on his back feet, useing his wings to keep balenced, redying himself to tackle her again. For Sara, time seemingly stood still, the breeze blowing the flowers seemingly slowed, and she seemed worried at a sound in the distance. She backed up, ears back pinned back. Tike landed flat on his stomach, "What was that for?" He said, slightly growling. Sara didn't respond, looking from left then to right, she backed up again. "Sara?" He said, tilting his head. Sara looked at Tike, worry in her dark eyes. Then, sudenly a dark black wolf jumped at Sara, pinning her to the ground, and atacked her. Sara screamed out. "Sara!" Tike said, then growled. He lunged himself at the assalient, knocking him off of his sister, who was now bleeding. The dark wolf barked in suprise, then attacked Tike. Tike yelped, but managed to keep the wolf far enough away with his wings. The wolf got his back paw, his ear, then a wing. Tike yelped again, then shakeing his head, anger in his eyes, he lunged foreward, clamping down on the wolf's throat. The wolf let out a muffled yelp, as Tike tossed him tword the fissure. The wolf put his paws out to try to stop his fall. The earth beneith his claws gave way, casuing a few deap holes in the side, and the wolf fell into the seemingly bottomless hole, his yelp quieting after time. Tike smirked in victory, then remembered his sister. "...S-Sara?" he said, looking at his sister, who was lieing on the ground. He walked over to her. Sara was bleeding from her stomach, her right arm, her neck, her ears, and her back. Tike nuzzled her side, tears in his eyes. Sara slowly opened her eyes, and looked at Tike, raising her head up, "Th..Thank you..." She said with a soft smile, then closed her eyes, and her head fell back down, dead.

Tike found him self awake, looking through a sort of skylight through the top of the cave where he'd slept all his life. A perfect view of the stars. It was three years later, but still caught up in that dream of that day, he thought his sister was still there. 'If I run fast enough.. I can save her!' he thought, and dashed tword the site. It was a good distance away, but he wanted... needed to go faster. His wings flapped, causing him to be in a state of half flight. The sun began to rise, casting it's golden beams across the grassy plain. He stopped, and looked out, across the landscape. It seemed as if time stood still here. The claw marks of the wolf, who instictavely tried to save his own life, but failed. Remeinants of blood spill were still on the grass, like a tatoo rain could never wash away. And the flowers, still singled out, still blowing in the breeze. He lied next to them, and wept. Now realiseing what his sister ment, all those years ago...


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2009-02-17 22:38:10

In my opinion I think this is quite good, well written and with the use of quotation marks makes it different from other comics I've seen here on New Grounds, it's as well one of the few comics I've seen on New Grounds that shows emotions other than just happiness and anger. A small yet nice cast of characters and an assortment of other things makes this story unique in my eye.

(Updated ) DJDragonwolf responds:

Wow, Thanks! :)
Again, thanks!


2009-02-18 16:09:15

i'll read this later i'm way too busy ^^;

btw Ch 40 is up!

DJDragonwolf responds:

XD k



2009-02-18 19:02:11

wow..i just finished reading it and i loved every last part of it very emotional great story!

speaking of stories you ever plan on doing the stories from your old account again?

DJDragonwolf responds:

Thanks :D

I was.. but the comment notification got to hard..
I was planning on even just trying to.. but.. Since it took forever just to comment something else on someone's page.. I didn't.. and lost my inspiration..


2009-02-18 20:05:37

ah well it was really fun while it lasted! ^^

DJDragonwolf responds:

Thanks :D
*Actually misses typeing it.. Oh well*


2009-02-22 10:42:43

GOD THATS LONG but good story!

DJDragonwolf responds:

Thanks :D


2009-02-25 18:43:41

ah same ol' DJ. a master with words as always. good to see ya againand great work on the story

DJDragonwolf responds: