Progress report.

2009-02-28 12:01:59 by DJDragonwolf

If any one's wondering about how far I am in my flash...
*Hopes this doesn't jinx it >>;;;*

Got motivation back! :D
Credits typed up.
Preloader added.

And I just forgot what I was gonna type next D:

Well, atleast it's better than getting Nowhere

If ya want to contact me [since for some reason NG keeps logging me out and I'm just to damn lazy to relog in] Here's some of the things I'm on

Skype name: djdragondude
Yahoo messenger: Add my MSN
MSN/Windows Live:
AIM: Infernowolfsoul [never on it cause...idk... so if You add me there, tell me and I'll go back on it]

Meh.. Here's a pic :P

Yes I drew it

if you don't believe me, that's just your problem :/

But might as well post teh link any ways :/ /In-the-Rain-113716280
Better Q in the link BTW ._.;;

Progress report.


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2009-02-28 14:59:19

congrats on your new account, ill add you to my WLM,cool pic by the way,and i made a new post

DJDragonwolf responds:

Cool ^^


2009-03-01 00:06:38

>.< damn i'll never get to see your flash with this hunk of crap computer and i wont be getting a new one for quite some time. good luck to ya though

DJDragonwolf responds:

Wow, that sucks! D:


2009-03-05 23:44:31

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