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2009-12-24 23:22:05 by DJDragonwolf

Well, like any one actually looks at my page any more. .

Dial up was being a real bitch to me for the longest time.
Now I has highspeed.
Yay. P:

Flash is being a bitch to me too. . .
Ergo why photograph isn't done yett. . .
Art style has SO changed.
I still wanna make flashes thougghhh. .
Maybe I should start small and go up big [series I talked about forever agooo]


I'll try to be moar active~

For any soul who happen upon my dead page and read this, bai for nao. xP

Finally. .

2009-09-16 17:42:30 by DJDragonwolf

Sorry I haven't been active lately. . .
I couldn't sign in. . . D:
. . .
Epic lag from dial up is epic. . .
Can't really watch movies any more. . . Nor play games. . .
Aye. . . Really sorry. .
Still low on motivation though! :D
Woooorking on that too. >.<;
But yeah.
Now I may be able to respond and see stuff. . .

Soo. . .
If you wanna contact me for whatever reason. . .
I'm on MSN/Yahoo, Skype, and dA
Just ask/PM me if ya wanna know teh infoz.
. . .

I could probably try to submit art into the art portal thinggy. . .
I'm way to damn lazy.

Hmm. . .
Sooo. . .
I guess I shall go change some crap on my account now cause yeah.

Update I suppose. :/

2009-07-12 15:18:50 by DJDragonwolf

Meh, I'm just going to wait until I get a new tablet to finish Photograph. . .
Really, REALLY sorry for how long I'm taking on this stupid thing. . . xD;
But I now have a better art style [ Which I can't use in flash properly with a mouse <<; ]
Some new ideas
A new program
And a bit more skill. . . xD;
Soo. . . Sorry >>;
I just want to make the stupid flash good. . . Having taken this much time on it. . . not ready to give up yet. . . <<;
Well. . .
If you want to see this 'New art style' This is My gallery.
Hmm. . .
Some random embedded somewhat funny/stupid Youtube vids now I suppose. :b
I don't exactly watch youtube. . . but when I'm forced, it useually has some mild entertainment.

The Emo Clap.

/* */
The dA song. xD;;; The singing sucks, but the lyrics are somewhat funny. :b

/* */
And lastly, that Twilight thing from Adult Swim.

/* */
Well. . . as for some more unrelated news no one cares about. . .
. . .
Eehh. . .
I got nothing. . .
Would normally put up some random pic
. . .
But I'm lazy. :b
. . .
*Shuts up now.*

Just. . . Another update.

2009-06-08 15:39:53 by DJDragonwolf

Well, yes I'm STILL working on photograph.
My tablet is going though some technical difficulties right now, and I can not afford to buy a replacement.
And no,
I'm not going to draw it with a mouse. . .
My wrist hurts to much. ><;;

Anyways, I did manage to practice some animation skills, which I have so little of. :b
Here is the outcome.
It's not perfect. . . but. . . yeah. :/
COMPARED TO MY OTHER CRAP. . . I think it's ok. . . .w.

Just. . . Another update.

General updates,

2009-05-01 07:51:39 by DJDragonwolf

Freakin finally let me LOAD the page so that I could make a new post. DDDDx
Just an update to say that I'm NOT dead. [lolifanyonecares]
I haven't been doing.. any thing cause NG is now taking.. forever.. to.. load.. >>
I think it's this laptop.. not exactly use to NG yet. xD [idkhowtoexplain]
But.. seems to be working.. alittle now..
SOANYWAYS, Here's a progress update on Photograph [Before I'm hit for not finishing yeeet D:]
I've gotten to the end / near end of the first chorus in the first part of editing..
If I'm right...
There should be about 2 rounds of editing..
Longstory.. but yeah
Then I can get back to work
I got a new idea, which this time I say nothing about ;P
Buuuuuuuuuuuuut here's the catch
My tablet broooke DDDx
But I can still use a mouse + my webcam
An example of my art like that iiiiis : /quot-You-re-Next-quot-120717435
xD Not that horrid, right?
In a sence that is xDDD

Any how..

I may still not be able to like comment and stuffs
If you need to contact me forwqhateverthereasonidk
MSN: DJDragonwolf @
Skype: djdragondude

So.. Yeah.
Idk what to say now...
*Goes away now*

XD I completely forgot to describe Khaki..
rough pic /Khaki-Kurro-112593480

Khaki's trial.

"Wake up..." A voice said, faint and in the distance seemingly. "Wake up.." It said again. A small pause. An inhale. "Khaki wake up!!" He heard screamed into his ear. Khaki jumped up, startled, eyes wide slightly with a slight fear. He looked from side to side, landing his golden yellow eyes onto a green wolf, with lite blue hair on the top of his head, tips of his ears, his paws, the tip of his tail, his muzzle, and the insides of his feathered wings. "Not funny Tike!" Khaki growled, stepping foreword. Tike was younger than him. Tike laughed, "Aww c'mon Khaki! You've been asleep all day! Come out and smell the fresh air!" Tike challenged with a fanged smirk. "No thanks..." Khaki said, curling up again. He then felt a pressure around the back of his neck. He looked over his shoulder seeing a larger wolf, grey fur, lite blue muzzle, hair on her head, stomach, paws, and tips of her two tails. Her eyes had black iruses and yellow puples, switched out as a birth defect, though she could see perfectly fine. Her dark eyes held a sort of peace as she lifted Khaki up, setting him down next to Tike. "Heya big sis!" Tike said with a wave. "Hey Sara..." Khaki said a little grumpy. Sara laughed "Nice to see you too." She smiled, "C'mon it's a great day outside!" She said, walking out of the cave. Tike ran quickly behind her, Khaki, not so quickly.

A few hours later they were still walking, through a dark forest. "Where are we going sis?" Tike asked. "You'll see." She reassured. Khaki had his head down, ignoreing his surroundings, not enjoying this trip at the slightest. After about twenty minuets, the trio came about a lake, with a waterfall bringing the water in, and a river bringing the water out. Tike stared in Awe at the water system. Khaki continued looking down, ignoreing still. He wondered why a misfit like him was ever accepted into their pack. He suddenly felt a rush of cold, as tike pushed him into the water. "Waa!!" He said, then dunked under water. He paddled up and glared at Tike, who laughed. Tike jumped in himself and splashed Khaki. Khaki spashed back. Sara laughed a bit then lied down, watching the two pups play. Khaki dunked under water and swam, but he went to far, he was sucked into the current of the river going outward. He managed to get his head up and took a breath, he tried to scream for help, yet he was dragged under again. This continued, he was far away from Sara and Tike by the time he got out of the water. He shook his fur, stretched his wings, then let out a sad pup howl. The wrong thing to do.

Khaki heard a steady footfall in the distance, and a growl. He looked from side to side, shakeing. He then felt an impact of heavy paws on his side. Khaki screamed out a screech like yelp in surprise. The large wolf slashed the pup's side then snapped at his face, eating his eyes. Khaki screamed again, shakeing a lot. He thought this was his end, he was wimpering. The large wolf seemed to enjoy this. But then, Khaki managed to hear a small footfall in the distance, then a growl. He figured it was some of this wolf's packmates to come and finish him off. The footfall increased, and he wimpered some more. He could sence another presence by him. He shook more, then he heard a large yelp. And the pressure of the wolf's paws came off. The yelp became muffled, until he could only hear one breath. He heard footfall come closer, then stop at him. "d...d...don'" He managed to say. The wolf laughed "Hurt you?" His voice sounded young. Khaki looked to the wolf.. pup as he had guessed, vaguely. "Th' name's Baruto, Baruto Rikute" He said. "Khaki... Kurro..." He managed. "That's some nasty wound.." Baruto said with a tilted head. "I'll fix ya up." Khaki tilted hid head, he felt cold on his side and his eye sokets, the bleeding seemed to seace and he felt a wrap around his side. "Hmm.." He said, then wrapped something around his eyes. "What's that?" Khaki asked. "A blind fold, it'll hide your eyes" Baruto responded. Khaki smiled then tried to stand up. Baruto put something over his neck. "That?"Khaki asked. "It'll help you sence others" He responded with a smile. Khaki nodded. "Where are you from?" He asked. "Nowhere.." Baruto said. "What? You have to come from somewhere? A pack?" Khaki asked. "I have no pack.." Baruto sighed. He then looked to khaki again "I'ma travler, I'll travel with you if you want?" He added. "Sure." Khaki said, thinking this wolf would help him back to his own pack that had adopted him in. "Well what are we watin' for? C'mon!" Baruto said running off. Khaki laughed and ran behind, fallowing the sound of his footsteps.

Photograph screenshots~

2009-03-06 19:15:40 by DJDragonwolf

I wouldda posted this earlier but
I was on a school comp
NG was blocked
I forgot ._.
I got dragged off the comp when I remembered DX
I forgot again..

well any ways..
pretty much what I'm doing in photograph ATM /065/9/7/Photograph_Screenshot_thing_b y_DJDragonwolf.png
And where I'm at so far in that /065/7/e/Screen_shot_2_by_DJDragonwolf .png

If ya want to contact me [since for some reason NG keeps logging me out and I'm just to damn lazy to relog in] Here's some of the things I'm on

Skype name: djdragondude
Yahoo messenger: Add my MSN
MSN/Windows Live:
AIM: Infernowolfsoul [never on it cause...idk... so if You add me there, tell me and I'll go back on it]

Also I can go on chats..
Feel free to try to drag me into one :D ~
If your successful that is..

Progress report.

2009-02-28 12:01:59 by DJDragonwolf

If any one's wondering about how far I am in my flash...
*Hopes this doesn't jinx it >>;;;*

Got motivation back! :D
Credits typed up.
Preloader added.

And I just forgot what I was gonna type next D:

Well, atleast it's better than getting Nowhere

If ya want to contact me [since for some reason NG keeps logging me out and I'm just to damn lazy to relog in] Here's some of the things I'm on

Skype name: djdragondude
Yahoo messenger: Add my MSN
MSN/Windows Live:
AIM: Infernowolfsoul [never on it cause...idk... so if You add me there, tell me and I'll go back on it]

Meh.. Here's a pic :P

Yes I drew it

if you don't believe me, that's just your problem :/

But might as well post teh link any ways :/ /In-the-Rain-113716280
Better Q in the link BTW ._.;;

Progress report.

Story I think turned out half way descent..

2009-02-17 07:41:11 by DJDragonwolf

Meh.. decided to put this here too despite of what comments I might receive :/
Two pics go with this..
Just some history on some of my wolfieh chars :P


"Oh Tike, look at the flowers!" A small sized, teenage female wolf with a grey coat, with a lite blue muzzle, paws, stomach, ear tips, tail tips, and hair that seemed to glide over her body like water, said, looking at two singled out flowers, blowing in a gental breeze. her black, yellow pupled eyes held a soft happyness in them, her two tails waveing gently. "Flowers? Why should I care?" Tike said to his sister, head down. He was a small male winged-wolf pup, green coat, with a lite blue muzzle, paws, tail tip, ear tips, a lite blue ring around the top of his chest, lite blue feathers on the insides of his wings, and lite blue hair, that covered his eyes. "Their just plants..." He muttered. The two were in a grassy plain with rolling hills. A sort of fissure was behind them, but they paied no mind to it. "That's what you think." She said, slightly laughing and looked to the sky. "Hey Sara..." Tike said in a sort of chalengeing tone. Sara looked up just in time to see a green blur tackle her. Blinking, she saw she was belly-up, being stood on by her younger brother. She laughed then pushed the pup off, then crouched playfully, wagging her tails. Tike stood on his back feet, useing his wings to keep balenced, redying himself to tackle her again. For Sara, time seemingly stood still, the breeze blowing the flowers seemingly slowed, and she seemed worried at a sound in the distance. She backed up, ears back pinned back. Tike landed flat on his stomach, "What was that for?" He said, slightly growling. Sara didn't respond, looking from left then to right, she backed up again. "Sara?" He said, tilting his head. Sara looked at Tike, worry in her dark eyes. Then, sudenly a dark black wolf jumped at Sara, pinning her to the ground, and atacked her. Sara screamed out. "Sara!" Tike said, then growled. He lunged himself at the assalient, knocking him off of his sister, who was now bleeding. The dark wolf barked in suprise, then attacked Tike. Tike yelped, but managed to keep the wolf far enough away with his wings. The wolf got his back paw, his ear, then a wing. Tike yelped again, then shakeing his head, anger in his eyes, he lunged foreward, clamping down on the wolf's throat. The wolf let out a muffled yelp, as Tike tossed him tword the fissure. The wolf put his paws out to try to stop his fall. The earth beneith his claws gave way, casuing a few deap holes in the side, and the wolf fell into the seemingly bottomless hole, his yelp quieting after time. Tike smirked in victory, then remembered his sister. "...S-Sara?" he said, looking at his sister, who was lieing on the ground. He walked over to her. Sara was bleeding from her stomach, her right arm, her neck, her ears, and her back. Tike nuzzled her side, tears in his eyes. Sara slowly opened her eyes, and looked at Tike, raising her head up, "Th..Thank you..." She said with a soft smile, then closed her eyes, and her head fell back down, dead.

Tike found him self awake, looking through a sort of skylight through the top of the cave where he'd slept all his life. A perfect view of the stars. It was three years later, but still caught up in that dream of that day, he thought his sister was still there. 'If I run fast enough.. I can save her!' he thought, and dashed tword the site. It was a good distance away, but he wanted... needed to go faster. His wings flapped, causing him to be in a state of half flight. The sun began to rise, casting it's golden beams across the grassy plain. He stopped, and looked out, across the landscape. It seemed as if time stood still here. The claw marks of the wolf, who instictavely tried to save his own life, but failed. Remeinants of blood spill were still on the grass, like a tatoo rain could never wash away. And the flowers, still singled out, still blowing in the breeze. He lied next to them, and wept. Now realiseing what his sister ment, all those years ago...

Pic I'm workin on :/

2009-02-08 02:01:09 by DJDragonwolf

pretty crappy so far :/
but.. just testing out fur detail..
So far my best are /Fur-practice-112107223 /KiKi-Suru-112127906 /DJ-as-a-wolf-112144095

Also.. if any one's wondering the progress on my flash...
Well, I can get back to work sometime, thanks to flashman16
I just have to put together a couple...thousand layers ._.
I'm pretty far in that so like yeah :D

oh.. and if you know those click games... ?id=10019
..yeah... ._.;;

Oh and.. I useually don't go to pages and comment much, so if ya wanna talk, just add me in one of the below
Skype name: djdragondude
Yahoo messenger:
MSN/Windows Live: [Broken D:]
AIM: Infernowolfsoul


Also.. power's back at my house
Been back for a while actually ^^;;

..bored =_=;;;